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Have you ever been on the beach sitting on your blanket or in your beach chair and just watched people?

Or maybe at an airport or train station?

What about a restaurant?

I am sure the answer is yes. How can you not? The entertainment factor alone is worth it.

One of the many things I enjoy in life is traveling. From taking a road trip without a destination in mind or flying halfway around the world, it always fascinates me. There are so many places and people to see. People, that’s my fascination.

I sometimes… no most of the time, just stop and people watch.

We are an intriguing bunch.

As I sit there and watch, I wonder whats going on in their world.

What kind of day are they having?

Is the look on his face as he tilts his head, a look of confusion, skepticism or could it be just gas?

We seem to congregate in like pairs, groups, company. We are comfortable with “our own”.

There’s the elderly, the business people, teens and tweens and let’s not forget the moms and dads. They are a fun group to watch, especially in public places. Trying to keep their children under control and maintain a cool and calm persona.

Sitting in the distances, just far enough not to hear what they are saying, but able to see their facial expressions and their body language. I will make up their conversations.

In retrospect, I should apologize to whoever is with me, because they get to hear all of the craziness going on in my head.

Come to think of it, no one has ever complained.

Oh yes, then there is wardrobe. That too runs the gambit. Airports seem to be the most comical. We seem to have done a one-eighty when it comes to the way we dress when going on a plane. I remember my Aunt telling me that you should wear your best clothes when traveling by air.

Not so much anymore.

I have seen, people in pajamas board a plane. Okay, I get it, you want to be comfortable, but pj’s? I can’t help but think that they never heard of yoga or running pants. They are super comfy.

…. and they fir better! We don’t need to see your butt crack as you walk down the terminal. I sometimes wonder if they looked in the mirror that morning.

I guess I should thank those people. They are a good source of entertainment!

If people watching isn’t something you participate in, you should definitely try it. Not only does it pass the time when you have to stay put, you will find it very entertaining.

And for all of you that do, I would love to hear of some of your “sightings.”

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