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Family….what can be better than people who know you, but love you anyway?

Having a family is one of life’s pleasures … oh wait, let’s be real. It can be one of life’s nightmares too!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. I have a large “Heinz 57 Family” ( to quote my mom) we come from all parts of the world. Mostly Irish with a laundry list of other nationalities thrown in for good measure.

A red, white and blue American melting pot Family.

But I digress.

Let me ask you something I have asked myself many times?

If you met some of your family on the street, would you like them?

Would you want to be there friend?

My answer to that a couple a few times has been ….Ummm NO!

The funny thing is, we will still share a holiday dinner with them, invite them to parties and stand there, while pictures are taken. Why you may ask; because they are part of the family.

Through the years I have come to the conclusion that family doesn’t have to be blood.

Why not spend the holidays with people you honestly enjoy being with? I do and am happier because of it.

Do you have friends that are more family than friends?

I believe we create our family as we go through life and I don’t think it is on a conscious level.

For me at least, I either connect with people when we first meet or not. There is just that something about them that keeps me engaged. I would guess that vibe would have to bounce both ways.

How about you? Can you tell?

Are you someone who invites your circle of friends into your family?

Do you have different levels of friends?

Or better yet, do you have family that you would NEVER be friends with, never see them again if it wasn’t because you had to?

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